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Select the window size.
Click to open another window to play the game.

If you play with FlashPlayer above v11.2, right-click is enable to toggle flags.
Recommended to update FlashPlayer.


Colorful and polygonal shape based Mine-Sweeper.

calculator.png(524 byte) Rule Badically rule It's just alike Mine-Sweeper.
How to count the number of mines [Original Mode] Count the number of mines only in the surrounding cells. [Exotic Mode] The way to count the mines varies according to the table. (When the game starts, it will show how to count the mines.)
How to start the game On the menu screen, from the left to the right, select MODE -> TABLE -> LEVEL.

mouse.png(661 byte) Mouse Left-click Open the cell.
Right-Click (FlashPlayer above v11.2) Toggle flags.
Left-hold (press for a while) (FlashPlayer below v11.1) Toggle flags.
Drag Scroll.
Mouse-wheel Zoom in/out

arrow-180.png(740 byte) Menu Arrow in the upper left Return to the menu screen.

monitor-sidebar.png(1233 byte) PC Plug-in To play the game, you need FlashPlayer 10.1 (or above).


2012/7/4 v1.00 Release
2012/7/10 v1.11 Fix bugs about ranking and save system.
2012/7/16 v1.14 Right-click! Right-click! Right-click!


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image.png(773 byte) Image p.yusukekamiyamane.com

disc.png(1490 byte) Sound Pocket Sound

It is strictly prohibited to copy the game data for any secondary use and/or display on another website.